Preserving Jam Cooking Tip

Sue Curry and granddaughter Rosalind, Maine USA


This article “Preserving Jam  Cooking Tip” came about because of a photo post I saw on my friend’s facebook page.

A lot of people use different methods with canning and freezing, but it is important to follow food safety suggestions e.g., using sterilized jars, inspecting canning jars mouth for chips before canning, and to adhere to the cooking times recommended by the experts. As these precautions will help us from getting botulism too.

Years ago, my mother canned. But she didn’t have all the information on canning safety like we have at our fingertips these days with the internet. My grandmother, and great grandmother preserved food too without major issues that I’m aware of. But to ere on the side of caution, it is always good to make sure you follow the canning and freezing safety tips by the experts.

National Center for Home Food Preservation This is a great website with all sorts of cooking tips.

Disclaimer noted, now back to my story…

…On facebook I saw a precious photo of my friend, Sue Curry, with her granddaughter, Rosalind, making jam and putting it up in canning jars. Sue and I go way back, as we were school friends in Belfast, Maine―where I was born and grew up.

This past week I put up Strawberry Jam, I didn’t use paraffin wax over the top of it, but I remember my mom using it as a kid. Which prompted my question to Sue, “Do you use paraffin wax?

Sue said,”Cook your jam according to the Certo instructions. Then you ladle the jam in the jars; turn them upside down for five minutes, then right side up.”  Voila! Jam processed. Now that is what I call a time-saving cooking tip! No Paraffin Wax used.

If you try this time-saving method, do a small batch in case your lids don’t seal then you don’t ruin lots and lots of ingredients. I say it is worth trying– I give this tip–a thumbs up.

Thanks Sue and Rosalind…

Rosalind Getting Lids Ready for  Sealing Jars

Rosalind Getting Lids Ready for Sealing Jars. Do you suppose she is going to be a food scientist? Look at what she has in her ears and holding in her hand...a stethoscope. Love it!

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