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Cooking Photos | The Recipe Weekly

Cooking Photos | The Recipe Weekly

On “The Recipe Weekly” you will find Recipes, Quick and Easy Meals, Cooking Tips and Tricks, Articles and more...

The founder of The Recipe Weekly, Virginia Wright, is a recipe developer, foodie, queen of recipe adaptation, and an experienced ten year food blogger. She coined the title for herself as the Queen of Recipe Adaptation, and is  currently working on a cookbook series. Virginia is a good old-fashioned cook and she will be bringing you recipes  that you can fix made with ingredients you have  in your fridge and on hand in your cupboards. The recipes featured on The Recipe Weekly are Heirloom Recipes, Low Fat Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Gluten Free Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, and in some cases a mixture of some or all– with everything from Vegetable Medley Pasta to Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Virginia is also a four-time author & illustrator of three children’s books: The Princess and the Castle, The Prince and the Dragon, and her latest release Crying Bear Yes, Bears Cry Sometimes Too. She also authored an educational, non-fiction book– titled “Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do.” Virginia is working on her next children’s book slated for release fall 2013.

More about the author…

The Recipe Weekly was born from a website I founded and worked on for ten years called, “Lowfat Weekly.” As Senior Editor I loved writing and doing research, developing recipes, doing the food photography shoots for our articles, as well as to help bring more than 20,000 viewers to Lowfat Weekly a month. There is a “but” in this sentence, as a recipe developer, I was restricted to developing mostly low fat recipes. I wanted to reach out and develop old-fashioned recipes, gluten-free to low fat recipes. That is when “The Recipe Weekly” was born, and the doors were closed on Lowfat Weekly.

Recipe Weekly will feature “Low-Fat” recipes from time to time, but it will also have numerous other types of recipes available for all our viewers tastes.


-Virginia Wright

Author & the Queen of Recipe Adaptation

Virginia Wright, Author









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