Dandelion Blossoms | Wild Edible Weeds - Dandelion Greens © Virginia Wright


Eating Wild Greens | & Recipes for Dandelion Greens and Batter-Fried Dandelion Blossoms, Sustainable Eating, Herbicides-Stop! Don’t Kill the Dandelions & More…

By Virginia Wright





Maine Blueberry Field

Maine Blueberry © Field Photo By Shane Wright

In the early years of my children’s lives– we lived in Maine; where Blueberry Season and Wild Maine Blueberries during blueberry picking time was an experience for the whole family

By Virginia Wright




Dandelion Greens - Leaves

Dandelion Greens - Nutritional Facts © Virginia Wright

Nutritional Facts – Dandelion Greens | Usually in the spring, before anything else can be grown in our gardens, dandelions are seen popping up everywhere. It’s a sustainable edible plant, wild greens, that are not only pretty to look at– but are fun to eat! Dandelions are super healthy and nutritious for us too.

By Virginia Wright



Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl © Virginia Wright

Atkins Diet, Medical Community Less Skeptical | Report out by The American Journal of Medicine is saying Atkins Diet may help your heart after all and has been given somewhat of a SCIENTIFIC, THUMBS UP! The medical community is less skeptical of the Atkins Diet that touts…

By Virginia Wright


Low Carb Candy Nutrition Facts

Low Carb Candy Nutrition Facts

Figure out the number of (sugars) in your candy or low carbohydrate snack Bars. Find out this author’s “Best Liked Low Carbohydrate Candy Picks.”

 By Virginia Wright




Carrot Cake | The Recipe Weekly - Recipies

Carrot Cake © Virginia Wright

Whatever your health goals are, adapting recipes is a good place to start…I’ll help you learn how!


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