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Buzzzzzzzz By Virginia Wright

*       ISBN-10: 1451552688

*       ISBN-13: 978-1451552683

*       LCCN 2010904070

Description: Learn the basics about honeybees by reading this very interesting, easy to understand, educational nonfiction book, with photographs and lots of information about where and how honeybees live, and what they do…


Available in Paperback and Kindle eBook on Amazon

** Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do – Amazon Best Seller in Children’s Bug & Spider Books Top 100 Paid ( April 2011 – April 2012 ) Consecutively


The Princess and Castle By Virginia Wright

*        ISBN-10: 145051054X

*        ISBN-13: 978-1450510547

*        LCCN 2010902062

Description:  Join in on the fun for a day and follow Elisabeth after she receives an incredible gift for her birthday; and with this amazing gift– she discovers a magical world just beyond, where she has one adventure after another.



The Princess and the Dragon by Virginia Wright

The Prince and Dragon By Virginia Wright

*        ISBN-10: 1451507682

*        ISBN-13: 978-1451507683

*        LCCN 2010902752

Description: Join in on the fun for a day and follow Tyler after he receives an amazing gift for his birthday. With this unusual gift he discovers a magical world just beyond, where he learns that an act of kindness helps another overcome his fear of being unlike others.



Crying Bear By Virginia Wright

Crying Bear Yes, Bears Cry Sometimes, Too! by Virginia Wright

*        ISBN-10: 1450587941

*        ISBN-13: 978-1450587945

*        LCCN 2010902314

Description: Join this very adventurous little bear cub, as she wanders too far from the den in the snow covered mountains of Maine.




The Christmas Secret by Virginia Wright

*     ISBN-10:1451534280
*     EAN-13: 9781451534283                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *     LCCN 2010903463

Description: Join Charlie and his friend Mikey as they flip through the pages of the Johnson’s Department Store Catalog looking for what they want most for Christmas…footballs, ice-skates, and new mittens, too.  Find out what both boys learn about the true meaning of giving…

© Copyright 2011 Virginia Wright


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