Submission Guidelines

Submit Your Tried and True Recipe 

If you have a “Tried and True” recipe you would like to submit to The Recipe Weekly, send in the recipe to [recipesubmission] [at] therecipeweekly [dot] com. In the subject area type: Recipe Submission. Please include your full name, and the state you are from, along with your recipe. All recipes are reviewed for publishing, if your recipe is chosen, you will be notified when it is in the queue for publication. Please read Submission Guidelines below prior to submitting recipe.

Submission Guidelines

You will not receive any payment if we publish your recipe on The Recipe Weekly. Furthermore, you understand that your recipe submission grants us permission to publish your recipe royalty-free on The Recipe Weekly, or in our newsletter, books, or any other publication we choose to publish, compensation-free. We will publish your recipe, name as recipe contributor, photo of you or your recipe, all when your recipe is chosen to be published on The Recipe Weekly.

Need Help! With Adapting a Recipe to a Healthier Version?

Send in your recipe and make sure you tell us what you want to accomplish with recipe adaptation, i.e., lower fat, lower carb, etc., and let the Queen of Recipe Adaptation see what she can do! This is a free service, and there are no guarantees; but there are many things that can be tried to achieve healthier versions of recipes. – The Recipe Weekly                                           recipesubmission [at] therecipeweekly [dot] com


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